April 11, 2014

Recently, my oldest brother requested a CD copy of three of my favorite solos to give to his young granddaughter who shows interest and promise in singing. This request inspired Dale so much that he copied NINETEEN of my solos recorded over the past forty-two years of our ministry, and presented it to my brother, packaged in the full graphic designs required for any new CD album production. Wow! I was surprised and overwhelmed.

So Grateful album cover image

Upon receiving this finished product, my brother was so inspired he asked Dale if he could order one hundred more copies to be distributed at the family reunion scheduled for this August, and for giving to some of his many customers patronizing the deli which he has successfully operated here in town for nearly thirty-two years now.

When Dale presented me with my copy of this very special and unexpected gift of his love for me, I laid down on the couch to give it a listen through. I don’t usually listen to our own music, but when it began to play, my heart melted and my soul could not take in what a spirit of love and gratitude to God swept over me! It was like “a voice from over the years was speaking back to me as confirmation of my faith.” What an experience. I could hardly believe what the “journey of life” felt like to me…especially after these past difficult years. I could not speak clearly, but with my spirit overflowing with love to the Lord, I just worshiped! Thank you, Jesus.

Yesterday evening, Dale confirmed and signed for one thousand copies of this album to be produced through the studio that worked with us on “In Praise of Him” album. They have given us a due date of shipment for about mid May. Exciting! We just never know what God still wants to do even after purposes may seem to have greatly diminished.

All I can say is I wish all of my friends and acquaintances will get their copy of my “life’s journey and testimony of faith.” I really believe you will love it and receive a real blessing as I did.

You can order your copy from our website or by phone or letter. Also keep it in mind as a gift to a fellow believer or one needing Jesus’ love. If God allows us strength this summer we hope to make the album available at a couple of family camps where we have ministered through the years. May our Lord do with this project all that is in His heart and mind.

All my love and thanks to my husband, Dale, for his never dying faith and love for our Savior and for me, his wife. I’m “So grateful!”


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