Evening Blessing, a 30 minute audio devotion of scripture, music and prayer designed to inspire an intimate time of fellowship with God. You may access these audio programs at your convenience by clicking on the play button next to the devotion you wish to hear.
EB1201Draw Me Nearer(32:41)
EB1202An Open Heaven(33:08)
EB1203Jesus Praying For Me(33:43)
EB1204Be Still And Know(30:10)
EB1205Such Mercy!(33:04)
EB1206Such Love!(34:39)
EB1207Such Grace!(35:28)
EB1209O Lord My God(30:10)
EB1210O Holy Ghost!(30:46)
EB1211He Cares For Me(33:34)
EB1212Compassed About(29:30)
EB1213The Presence of The Lord(30:47)
EB1214Sing Unto God(31:05)
EB1215Whose Streams Make Glad(28:59)
EB1216To Be Like Him(31:48)
EB1217Thy Comforts Delight My Soul(30:15)
EB1218My Hiding Place(29:42)
EB1219Visited By God(33:04)

If these programs are meaningful to you, and have met some need in your life, why not take a moment and drop us an email to share your experience. Dale would love to know that the programs are being heard and appreciated.  Click the email link above to send Dale an email.

Evening Blessing GraphicThe Story Behind Evening Blessing

For several years, a desire grew in Dale's heart for a devotional broadcast that would help encourage and foster a "deep unto deep" time of fellowship between the believer and his Lord. Knowing God's promise to "keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on" Him, a program was envisioned which would integrate scripture, song and prayer into a setting conducive to the evening hour as one lay down to sleep.

The natural tendency is to retire with a mind cluttered from the busyness of the day. The news of the world and cares of life often leave us with anxious, unsettled minds at the end of the day. Dale's vision was to inspire believers to a quiet devotional time to enjoy "things which are lovely", "pure" and "of good report"; to exercise their spirits in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs in a flow of true fellowship of the spirit.

Thus, Evening Blessing came into being. Each program is premised upon wonderful, sacred communion between God and man. The introduction of each program reiterates this quote from the words of Scripture,"My soul shall be satisfied, and my mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips; when I remember thee upon my bed, and meditate on thee in the night watches." May this be fulfilled!

There is no commercial content... no requests for support... no personal pleas: simply a satisfying time of contemplation of things eternal!

Yes, Evening Blessing is listener supported. But we believe that the Lord will speak, in His own way, as the program is pleasing to Him and a blessing to hearers.


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