Dale and Rita Lidstrom live in the Yakima Valley of Washington, not far from where Rita was raised. Their introduction to each other began when they were students at Northwest (College) University in Kirkland, Washington. Rita came from Wapato, Washington in the fall of 1963; Dale in 1964, from Federal Way, Washington.

Recent photo of Dale & Rita

After a couple of years at Northwest, Dale was drafted into the military. He and Rita were married December 1966, on his Christmas leave from the Army. Twelve days later, he received orders for overseas duty. On the island of Okinawa, January 1967, the very day he was standing in line to be shipped out to Viet Nam, he was pulled out of line by a Colonel and the result was a different assignment there on the Island. In June 1967, Rita was able to join him. During the remainder of his military duty, they were able to become involved in a missionary ministry there on Okinawa; and, upon the completion of his military duty, they returned to the Island to work on staff of that same missions work. It was there that Dale first became involved in radio broadcasting.

In the fall of 1970, the couple returned to Northwest University to finish out their education. While there, they served as Dorm Parents in the Beatty Hall Dormitory for men. They also began traveling in Public Relations work for the University as the Northwesterners Quartet for nearly four years. In 1975 they launched out into evangelistic ministry. Thus, for five decades now they have traveled in gospel singing, preaching, and ministry among many different evangelical denominations. They have ministered in churches, conventions, camp meetings, and youth camps, giving concerts in churches, schools, colleges, and several prisons across the Country and overseas. They have pastored churches in the United States, and have done extended interim pastoral and evangelistic ministry assignments in Great Britain, as well as in the Orient.

Dale and Rita have felt a calling to strengthen the faith of the saints. Their vehicle of ministry has been preaching and singing the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dale's passion for radio ministry began in the Far East, with a daily program called "Teen Time". In 1975, the couple moved to Carlinville, Illinois to work at Lake Williamson Christian Center of the Illinois District Assemblies of God, where Dale worked as Music Program Director and evening announcer for the Christian radio station WIBI-FM. He also is announcer for Lifetime, a radio ministry out of Minnesota over radio station WWCR, Nashville, Tennessee, with broadcasts to the Far East, Russia, and Africa. Rita served as editor of the Illinois' District Advance Magazine, and has a number of published articles in periodicals over the years. She also served as a secretary in the District Office of the Assemblies of God. In 1983, Dale and Rita were asked by President D.V. Hurst to return for two years of association with Northwest University in Ministry Development, traveling among the churches of the District as an older product of the University.

Having returned to the Pacific Northwest, they continue to travel in ministry preaching and singing wherever the Lord opens doors to them. They have always considered their ministry to be "the work of the Lord". They have trusted Him to make the way for them. They do not promote themselves, solicit meetings, nor place financial stipulations on those to whom they minister. Through the years they have been sustained by free will offerings. The recorded music CDs of Dale and Rita are available on a contribution basis. They have recorded numerous albums over the years in Nashville, Dallas, and Oklahoma City. Their music is warm, and reflects the timeless elements of faith and inspiration.

Their albums are available by request.